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Hello travellers!

Hello Travelers!!

This is a new adventure that we have chosen to call Your Home in Barcelona!

Budget apartments in Barcelona

Our aim is to provide quality budget apartments in Barcelona so that all travelers coming to visit our city, be it for sightseeing, be it for visiting family and friends or be it for business, can find here a place where they can feel comfortable just as if they were at home, only in another city!

Barcelona has many different things to offer, it is a very cosmopolitan urbe with a big interest in fashion, design and entertainment as well as a defender of our traditional inheritance such as historical buildings, incredible art or delicious cuisine (ever heard of something as simple but as yummy as “pa amb tomàquet”?, then you will know what we mean!).

So please browse through our apartments in Barcelona to find what suits your needs or just contact us! We will be happy to meet you and become Your Home in Barcelona!

The YourHomeinBarcelona.com Team.